Ironman Barcelona 2019 – 5000 Lessons 5 Minutes Late

And just like that 2019 comes to an end.

My first season racing long course triathlon has been by far the most enjoyable year of my life.

Although I’ve encountered many setbacks I’ve learnt so much and believe I am mentally stronger than I’ve ever been.

8h05 and a 7th place finish in the biggest Ironman in the world doesn’t seem too bad. But it’s certainly not what I came for.

The density this year in Barcelona was incredible with 5 guys going faster than last year’s winner and only a few minutes separating me from a podium or a 10th place.

In the past I’ve been known to crumble when it comes to big races and struggle under pressure. This year rather than hiding away from it I decided to take this on as a challenge. I’d set my goal of going sub 8h almost a year ago and wasn’t shying away from the fact that I wanted to win. People who know me well were also worried about how much pressure I’d put on myself for this race. Truth is one day or another I want to make it to the top and with that comes added pressure. The better you get the more people support you and the bigger your support team is. I’d figured this race would put these mental doubts to rest and no matter what happens I was ready to leave absolutely everything out there on the course.

From the moment the gun went off I felt completely off the pace, I knew it was going to be a long day.

I was incredibly grateful to have so much support out there, both on the day and prior.

It’s one thing going sub 8 on a good day, but it’s another doing 8h05 when you feel like crap and there are lots of people behind the scenes to thank for getting me across that line.

I could tell you 50 things that went wrong in this race and what mistakes I made but after all I’m not here to make excuses. I came 7th … not 1st.

I could rewrite the race situation with « what ifs » but I’m not sure it would get me anywhere. I’m not the best, but I know exactly how far away I am from getting there, and whether it takes me 1 year or 2 decades to get there I don’t really care. After all I’m 20 years old, I get to train, drink coffee and be with my family every day, I can’t really ask for more.

Or can I? 😉