2021 IRONMAN UK Bolton

5:43am, I turned to my dad and said : let’s go and get this Kona slot

Another Ironman under my belt, in the bag, on the hard drive, in my system. I wanted to learn, make mistakes, and grow : and boy did Bolton deliver.

My preparation had been great considering I’d done an Ironman and a Half a month prior. In an ideal world I would have liked a good 3 months to prepare for this race, but I’d done everything I could to make it to Bolton fit and healthy, and I was. I was confident I could execute the job at hand and win Ironman UK.

Truth is Ironman is humbling and this race has certainly kept me grounded.

Fastest swim, fastest bike and a failed marathon.

I hit the wall very hard and went to the scariest place I’ve ever been, genuinely the overwhelming feeling was fright during those last 30mins of racing.

I’d battled the whole day with a dodgy stomach and random cramps. I felt like quitting a million times on the bike. Bolton lake water is much like Donald Trump : sickening.

I’ll quote my redheaded idol Cam Wurf : “if you have any weakness a Long Distance Triathlon will find you out”

That being said I’m proud of myself for pulling through even when everything wasn’t going my way. Deep down I know I’m better than this, and although I’m ecstatic to have got my Kona slot, I still went to bed on Sunday night wondering why the hell I didn’t win.

I know this performance is something I should be proud of, but for whatever reason that’s not the way I am wired.

I can be better and I will be better.

Ironman will be my game, but for now I shall keep on learning.

Photo crédit : Huw Fairclough