2021 Tradeinn International Triathlon – Spanish Long Distance Championship

1st, 2nd, whatever

If this is what professional triathlon is then I’m signing for the next 20 years please. Seriously, the last 8 days have been absolutely epic :

I was ill and coughing my guts up wondering how the hell I’d ever finish an Ironman.

I ran past the greatest red head in the sport to win my 3rd Irondistance ever.

I gave my 3 best friends a sweaty Covid free hug as soon as I came across the finish.

I spent some time in the medical tent with a needle in my arm getting chatted up by a Spanish nurse, admittedly my vision was blurry at the time.

I did more talking in a week than I normally do in a year (ie calls with friends, interviews, podcasts…)

I spent countless hours in a jam packed minibus with my amazing father/coach/fixer/taxi driver never loosing faith in my ability to perform.

I woke up at 4am to eat some cold Cantonese Rice

I decided to do some more suffering just 7 days after absolutely ruining myself in girona, even came away with a National Podium to add to the CV (not that I will ever need one I hope)

I realised Haribo’s financial situation is largely resting upon my pre race eating habits

I enjoyed every fucking minute of it.

As I said in the title, besides these two great results lies most importantly an amazing few days. Days I will never forget to be honest, and that my family and I will always be proud of, no matter what happens tomorrow.

So thank you :

– for the hundreds of messages – I’ve done my best to reply too

– for the support

– for the belief

– for the love

This is just the beginning team ♥️