Ironman Barcelona 2019

Where to start?

After deciding to make this my main goal almost a year ago it has certainly been a rollercoaster just getting to this point. I’ve had the biggest doubts but also the greatest highs after certain performances. Truth is I feel the more I overcome these doubts the more confidence I feel I’ve gained, kind of ironic really.

Back in February I had this ‘dream plan’ training that I thought would lead me to incredible shape come Barcelona. Unfortunately I was so determined and focused that I ended up peaking 5 months prior to the event itself.

I am happy this happened for many reasons, number one being that I’ve made that error and that I can now take this lesson into the next chapters of my carrer. Secondly because it  excites me to know that I haven’t yet raced in peak shape yet. I’ve still had some very positive results. I went into Cannes and Lakesman with some real absorption issues concerning certain training loads and wasn’t very confident in my preparation. 5 weeks ago I was still suffering from this general fatigue of peaking very early in the season and my body was simply not letting me train. I went through a whole month of almost wishing I was injured so that I could actually be given an explanation as to why I couldn’t train. I felt lazy, useless and most of all depressed. I wasn’t sure if I would toe the start line in October.

I’d been wanting to make my family proud in Barcelona for almost a year and now, almost a month away from the race, I was incapable of doing 3 straight days of training. Truth is everything happens for a REASON. My body needed to prepare for the hardest 4 weeks of its life.

For the last month I’ve been in Austria living like a triathlon monk focusing on climbing the ramp to fitness as fast as possible. Me and my dad took a big risk and decided to train a lot, not knowing wether or not I could absorb the training load but knowing that if I wanted to be competitive in Barcelona that we had no choice.

Although these 4 weeks of training have been intense and also very consistent I haven’t felt like killing myself once (pretty rare for me).

I was so happy to actually be able to train again that my dad could tell me to go and do a 220km bike at 38km/h and I would do it.  Over the course of this season, I have learnt more than ever. I feel like I am 20 years old but have 16 years experience behind me. Oh wait…I have!

In 10 days time i get to test myself out against some of the best Ironman athletes in the world for the first time. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have absolutely nothing to lose. I’ve trained very hard, listened to my body, and most of all I have more support from my family than ever before. There is no REASON for it to go badly.

Let’s do this!