Supplements are extremely common in the modern day world of endurance sport, and as an athlete seeking high performance I can honestly say most of the products I’ve come across over the years involve more « hype » than real world results. Truth is nothing really makes you go faster, becoming a better athlete comes with optimised training load and consistency.

Absorbing training loads consistently over extended periods of time is often the difference between elite and aspiring athletes. Many factors can enhance this regularity of training, whether it’s limiting injury’s through your sleep quality, your nutrition or even physiotherapy sessions.

Limiting inflammation and promoting immunity should be at the forefront of athletes minds.

I myself am a big believer that this regularity comes with balance, in which health plays a major role. When I first came across Continual-G I was sat on the turbo suffering away listening to a podcast and thought to myself « I could do with some of that ».

Before diving straight into it and blindly buying their product I decided to read up a fair bit about what exactly was the purpose of glutathione in the body, and the fact that every cell in our body is able to produce it. Unfortunately research has shown that simply taking glutathione as a supplement has little to no effect, Continual-G on the other hand have set about this issue by creating their own precursor of glutathione : GLYTEINE.

GLYTEINE has been clinically proven to increase your cellular glutathione levels within hours to help maintain your health and fitness.

So rather than copying and pasting their website I would like to give you my honest feedback after having tried it for 10 days already. I received my GLYTEINE in what seems like the worst week of training I’ve had in a while. After a bike crash and a cold I honestly felt like I needed all the supplements I could get. My family all came out with this same cold and even had a few days where they were useless (which is very rare for my family). Out of the 4 of us I was the only one of whom this cold didn’t fully come out, as if my body was fighting this little virus a lot more effectively. Normally as an athlete training hard I’m normally the most prone of the household to pick up a cold in the winter. Supplementing with Continual-G has meant I’ve been able to still train consistently throughout this period were I would normally have to take a few days’ rest.

I still believe that this wasn’t the best week to test Continual-G as I wasn’t at my best, but maybe that’s exactly what this supplement is for : supporting the times when your body is most damaged.

I would love to keep on trying this product long term  in order to promote things like healthy ageing and brain health, but also in the lead up to big races when the going gets tough.

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