Losing Weight For Racing

You sometimes hear people talk about race weight and how lean they want to be for their next race. Personally I think there are few more things to think about before thinking about race weight, but hey, I guess I have to talk about what I promised  in the title.

First of all get out of your head the whole, the lighter I am the faster I am approach to racing. Some athletes will starve themselves for two weeks prior to their A race and then eat loads of carbs the night before. Just so you know that’s not recommended. If you are thinking of loosing weight for a race, do it intelligently. Take the time you need and don’t go doing anything silly. Start eating well months before your race, not just a few days before, and make sure it’s sustainable, that you’re not too hard on yourself and that you also know when to allow yourself a guilty pleasure.

What people often forget is how important the nutrients in your diet are, if you suddenly deprive yourself from something you’ve eaten all throughout the year, that might just affect how you feel on race day. Big variations in weight over small amounts of time are simply not healthy.I’ve personally made this mistake before, and after losing 10kg in one month I can tell you now it’s not healthy! So if you are looking at reaching a race weight either go slowly about it or aim to loose just a  little.

I guess I could cycle up a really steep hill slightly quicker, but other then that I’d lost strength, power, endurance, and most of all mental strength. Being in big calorie deficit plays havoc on your brain, it affects your mood and so in consequence can be detrimental to the relationship with people around you.

I’m basically saying to think twice before you decide to loose 4kg for your race, be patient and smart about it. And most importantly remember that your training to become a stronger athlete and not training to loose weight.