Long Term Consistency

Most athletes train on a regular basis, some do it to keep in shape, some to achieve a race goal, and some just for the pure pleasure of the sport. Those who seek constant improvement however need to learn the notion of consistency. You won’t ever be as good as you’ve dreamed of without years of work, and that is the simple truth to the story.

However, there are limits to consistency and the ups and downs of your daily life will automatically translate to this weekly routine you had beautifully planned. That’s why we all need to look further down the line, look at the bigger picture. In fact look at the biggest picture you’ve ever seen. Getting better at your sport is like resolving an everlasting puzzle, or learning a poem that actually never ends.

You need to take it one step at a time, focus on what your doing today and know that it’s all part of a bigger picture. Then the most important thing is trusting this bigger picture! I’ve seen too many athletes (myself included) wanting to rush back into big training blocks when their fitness levels are not where they should be. Truth is nothing will beat a consistent athlete, your better off giving 80% this week and following that up than going all out and giving 110% then burning out for two to three days.

I guess if you wanted to get really philosophical about the subject you could compare it to a little stream that slowly eats its way through the hard rock and ends up being a powerful river.