Sam Laidlow

Professional Triathlete

Just a Boy

Seeking Greatness

Born in the UK and raised in the French Pyrénées, here is a brief insight into my way of thinking and the values I support.

Between family, travelling and high level sport, I believe I have found a very unique balance that I would like to share with you. I am currently one of the best triathletes in France, but more importantly I believe in so much more than just the sport itself.

I see balance as essential and constantly seek to develop new experiences on a daily basis from education to social-marketing and from coaching to cooking and photography.

My Story

So Far

About the Boy

In 2001 my parents decided to move from the UK to the South of France in order to set up a Triathlon Training Business – Sancture Sportifs. I am generally so happy to have been brought up in these conditions, not only did it mean I was naturally bilingual, but it also put me right in the middle of an evolving business led by my own parents.

I grew up meeting athletes from all over the world, discovering new cultures, making friends, and most of all being able to ride my bike on a daily basis.


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