My father Richard is for me the best triathlon coach I could have and his results prove it.
Beyond his white beard and expressionless expression is the most caring human being I know.

He just loves sharing his knowledge and helping people find balance in their lives through triathlon.

Whether it's playing pro athletes, qualifying for Kona as an amateur, or arranging training around a busy schedule, my dad seems to strike the right balance.

I would say his philosophy is a mix of using the fundamentals of sports science and understanding human relationships.

There is no single formula for performance and that is why each workout is individual.

Its main objective is to be there for you and to help you develop physically and mentally through the sport of triathlon.


If it were up to my dad and there were more hours in the day, Richard would want to coach 500 athletes. Such a number would of course dilute the quality of his commitment and that is why we now have very limited places.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone if you have any questions about coaching or simply to arrange a call with Richard.

Want to be coached by Richard?

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€500.00 per month
Dedicated and experienced coach
Available 24/7
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If you want to know more before committing, which is completely understandable, you just have to tell us a little about yourself on this questionnaire. It will allow us to develop a personalized coaching proposal.