Welcome to Sam Laidlow's World Wide Web.

I know, it doesn't sound great... But this slender frame with tiny pecs is also the youngest ever Ironman World Champion.

Through this website, but above all through my career, I aim to inspire and motivate people to realise their biggest dreams. I believe in a world where we're not afraid of what others think, and where we can make a living from our greatest passions.

  • "What good are wings
    without the courage to fly"



My father trains me, and my mother is like the pillar of the family. I also have a younger brother who inspires me on a daily basis and I deeply want to be an example for him. This family history is what makes my journey so unique.

I can also count on my team and my sponsors to achieve my goals.

My family and I dedicated our lives to this journey and regardless of the outcome, I'll be proud to say we gave our best.

  • “It took me a lifetime”



Beyond performance, the notion of sharing is also one of the main sources of motivation for my team and me.

Whether it's through coaching or simply my races, my training camps and my exchanges with my partners, I find a real source of energy in sharing knowledge and experiences.

Keeping an open mind in order to also learn from others and to evolve as an athlete, but also as a human being means a lot to me.


Sam Laidlow is a French professional triathlete born in Oakley, United Kingdom, who moved to France at the age of 3.

From a young age, Sam wanted to become a professional triathlete. and dreamed of one day becoming Ironman world champion. Surrounded by triathletes who immersed him with passion in the world of swimming, encouraged by his family coached by his father, Richard, Sam has never stopped following this path.

He began his career competing professionally on the French Grand Prix circuit at the age of 14. He quickly moved to the Ironman distance once he was old enough and won an Ironman in his first distance event by challenging himself on the Bearman at the age of 18. .

During his first Ironman in 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Sam finished in the top 10 with a time of 8h04mins at just 20 years old. He then took second place at the Iroman UK in 2021, securing his first ticket to the IMWC.

2022 has undoubtedly been Sam's breakthrough year, inspiring young people around the world to try their luck at the legendary distance. He was the youngest professional competitor in the Ironman World Championship and delivered a performance that delighted spectators around the world, breaking the cycling time record on the legendary course in 4:04:36. Sam finished his world champion journey with a silver medal, 5 minutes behind the winner.

In 2023, at the age of 24, he won the Ironman world championship in Nice. He is the first Frenchman in history to win the event and the youngest winner of this international competition.

Now Sam's goal is to consolidate his position among the best triathletes in the world and win many more world championship titles.